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In Cappadocia, the most important thing to remember is the Apart Cave Hotel and Cappadocia Balloon Tour. A truly beautiful holiday destination airport transfers

Without losing time we moved to go to the ancient city of Ephesus. Already in Ephesus museum were very close to Mary House. A place where the mother of Jesus is thought to live.

However, 7 sleepers wandered the cave. Then we stayed in a 3 star apartment located near Ephesus. First of all we took our time for this. Beautiful night 7

Then, on the second day, Ephesus was completely ancient city and museum. We had the Medet Bey while on the Daily Ephesus tour for us. A private commercial center where all roads meet

It is counted. Today, although the road is much more used all the commercial activities at that time is done by sea. Pirates of the Aegean Sea

At a time when the city of Ephesus Kliman trade is very reliable. There is a wealth that comes from sea trade. This wealth is at Ephesus Museum

You feel like wandering. Ephesus lived the most valuable science and art people of the period. The Hippodrome located in the harbor is quite far from the most beautiful Celcus Libray

He had. There is even the biggest theater and theater center in Anatolia. Many beautiful shows are on display at Ephesus Show Hall today. Sound Acoustic System

very impressive. The largest manuscripts of the period were in the Celcus Libray library. The largest Greek Latin after Egyptian and Roman libraries

there were arabic books. From the entrance of the Ephesus museum to the exit point is protected by very special security and police. Hayla is a part of the Ephesus Museum today

excavation work continues.


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