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In Cappadocia, the most important thing to remember is the Apart Cave Hotel and Cappadocia Balloon Tour. A truly beautiful holiday destination airport transfers

Without losing time we moved to go to the ancient city of Ephesus. Already in Ephesus museum were very close to Mary House. A place where the mother of Jesus is thought to live.

However, 7 sleepers wandered the cave. Then we stayed in a 3 star apartment located near Ephesus. First of all we took our time for this. Beautiful night 7

Then, on the second day, Ephesus was completely ancient city and museum. We had the Medet Bey while on the Daily Ephesus tour for us. A private commercial center where all roads meet

It is counted. Today, although the road is much more used all the commercial activities at that time is done by sea. Pirates of the Aegean Sea

At a time when the city of Ephesus Kliman trade is very reliable. There is a wealth that comes from sea trade. This wealth is at Ephesus Museum

You feel like wandering. Ephesus lived the most valuable science and art people of the period. The Hippodrome located in the harbor is quite far from the most beautiful Celcus Libray

He had. There is even the biggest theater and theater center in Anatolia. Many beautiful shows are on display at Ephesus Show Hall today. Sound Acoustic System

very impressive. The largest manuscripts of the period were in the Celcus Libray library. The largest Greek Latin after Egyptian and Roman libraries

there were arabic books. From the entrance of the Ephesus museum to the exit point is protected by very special security and police. Hayla is a part of the Ephesus Museum today

excavation work continues.

After 1 hour plane ride from Istanbul to Izmir airport we arrived. Private airport transfers went with a 4-star hotel is located in Kusadasi. There was a very large and spacious rooms, and in particular had a very nice sea and pool views. We ate a nice breakfast in the morning and we did eat breakfast buffet. There were Turkish baths here and have made a nice bathroom. There was a jacuzzi pool and a very nice and relaxing massage was doing here. The pool was very big and spacious and had a wonderful pool where the sand, sun and beaches were very nice. Very nice to swim in the pool and the sea and it was great. Dinner buffet dinner with unlimited ate grilled fish with olive oil, especially ate appetizers and desserts. We drank tea and coffee by the pool is very nice.

Finally, the first in the morning with our tour guide we met in the hotel lobby and went to the first open-air museum of Ephesus and this is an ancient city built in the Roman Empire zamann. first place is very wide-spread and very large excavation and restoration work is done. 600 meters long, made of marble and the harbor there are ways ranging king. The first temple of Ephesus, which is a very nice building and the people that use it as a combination of outdoor toilets  فنادق طرابزون , فنادق تقسيم love heart sign at the entry gate of the house, which is located here. oada is formed from a large number. People's homes are inhabited slopes. Finally, in the harbor of Ephesus had the fabulous architecture, the Celcus Libray. This two-story structure made of marble statues on the front is adorned with four pieces.

Troy and Gallipoli Tours

1 hour from the city center of Canakkale private open-air museum with tools we have come to Troy. The book is very deteyl documentary about Troy and the Troy movie finally in 2006, Brad has Pittoyna. Used in the film Troy horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city center. Troy is as old as human history, consists of 9katm is an ancient city and a castle with a width of 90 meters at the end of the first layer in the layer has a true city of the Roman Empire. Adorned with statues and marble columns of Troy sutunlu ways. Theater and a great hall and consists of many beautiful buildings. Since 1980, a very large excavation and restoration work is done. Troy finally tucked away on the horse statue troops secretly entered the castle through the door.

The first world war took years and in 1915, gallipoli peninsula has been very fierce battles. Gallipoli Gallipoli peninsula, many dating from the war, many military and sip tunnel is located. Gallipoli battle was the first naval battle of the entire British and French warships were sunk or damaged too big. After the naval battle of Gallipoli was a ground war. New zealand australia british and french colonies consisting of ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military has been my April 25, ANZAC Day commemorations are scheduled as day. Gallipoli battle is known as the last gentleman's war.

Just istanbul Tours and Holiday

We attended a very nice private tours in Istanbul. Our first tour guide told us very detailed information about the culture and history of Istanbul. Istanbul has

experienced many civilizations. Eastern Roman Empire Hippodrome and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in time are made. Conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet in 1453 and was a

huge renovation and restoration work was carried out. The first four minarets were added and the Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque here. Kosntant very nice to
Hagia Sophia Justinian in Jesus and Mother Mary is adorned with pictures. the time of Ottoman calligraphy in the manuscript are great. In the last 50 years, serves as

a museum.

Blue mosque in Istanbul is the most beautiful place in the city, from every point of the city’s most beautiful and seems to be at the top. There are wonderful views of

the sea and the Bosphorus. In Blue mosque is decorated with blue Iznik tiles. There are handwritten calligraphy. Sultan ahmet made on behalf and in 1609 was made

master architect Sedefkar Mehmet. 6 minarets and domes are very thin and long. We went to the Grand Bazaar Sultan Mehmet time there are about 500 nearby shops. here,

the first made of many gold and silver jewelers that sell jewelry for men and women. Clothing made of leather jackets coats and jackets are. There are hand-woven

carpets and rugs.

istanbul islands

istanbul kabatas boarded a ferry from the ferry port and the ferry ride 1.5 hours after the big island went Sutra. During the trip Dolmabahce palace in front of the first time.This We passed. Magnificent architecture, the work of art. By Sultan Abdulhamid by French architect. With a wide variety of flowers and trees in the garden is decorated. Garden water fountains are made of marble. Ortakoy Mosque by the sea are very nice, there was only one minaret. Uskudar coast of the sea There were girls in the middle of the tower. ‘ve Done a very nice sea ferry ride we drank tea and coffee.

Consists of four islands, Burgas, Kinal, the Heybeli and has a large island. All cars and motor vehicles is prohibited on the islands. phaeton horse-drawn carriage ortransportation are made. 30-minute tour of the island with a very nice coach did. On the coast of the island is made of very nice walks. On the coast of the island had a number of fish restaurants. very We ate delicious grilled fish and numerous entrees were english. square in the islands had a very nice bakery that sells ice cream and my choice of strawberry ice cream and milk too It was nice. There are many beautiful sandy beaches around the island and the beaches, the island is a blue flag beach.